Rotaform is one of the largest service providers in the Netherlands in the area of high-volume transactional customer communications, both in print and digital. Every Dutch citizen receives several letters, notes, reviews, policies, or emails on a weekly basis that are all produced and sent out by Rotaform, commissioned by large well-known Dutch organizations that rely on impeccable service associated with constant innovation and cost reduction. Their customer base includes loyalty companies, lotteries, financial service providers, insurance companies, government agencies, telecommunication companies, and cable operators.

Rotaform has been working with Xgram since February 1, 2015. The use of Xgram has fully automated their complex order workflow for transaction mail in both paper and digital formats. Various XML links with Rotaform customers ensure that the process of order intake occurs mostly automatically. Planning, logistics, and finances are managed within Xgram. The intense cooperation between Rotaform and Compri ensures the continuous optimization of the order process . This allows for rapid responses to any changes in the provision of services demanded by customers. By using Xgram, Rotaform has been able to undergo a great efficiency drive and its readinessas a company towards their customer demands has increased.

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Info on Rotaform

  • 110 employees
  • Turnover € 16.000.000
  • Black, spot color and full-colour printing
  • Laser and inkjet printing
  • Roll and sheet processing
  • C4 and C5 processing with selective inserts

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