Wilco, Bariet, Wohrmann en TenBrink

Wilco, Bariet and TenBrink specialize in the production of books and magazines. Wilco has been using the Compri software for more than 20 years. It has also been implemented in their other plants (Bariet en Ten Brink) over the last few years. The Xgram Business Unit structure facilitates the use of Xgram via the one central server location in Amersfoort by TenBrink in Meppel and by Bariet in Steenwijk also. Wilco uses all features of Xgram including various JDF/JMF links to the prepress and press workflow. The use of the Xgram Business Unit structure ensures that orders are optimally distributed between the 3 sites. Xgram offers important support in this multiplant environment on planning and logistics.

Through Imported data from various customer systems and via a customer webportal,  orders for books and magazines are fully automatically processed in Xgram. Wilco has achieved considerable cost savings through this approach and has seen a drastic reduction in error risks. In addition, customer loyalty has increased due to the use of these links and systems.

Wilco, Bariet, TenBrink, and Compri are continuously working on the process of using innovative solutions for increased efficiency of the 3 companies. One example of this is the project designed to combine orders also know as ganging, creating big savings on printing and paper costs.

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William Schuring, Co-Director of  Wilco, Bariet en TenBrink.



Info on Wilco, TenBrink and Bariet

  • 420 employees
  • Turnover € 80.000.000
  • Kodak CTP and Prinergy/Insite linked via JDF/JMF
  • 15 Presses Heidelberg, KBA, linked via JDF/JMF
  • Extensive finishing and binding  (e.g. paper- and hardbacks)

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