Xgram is the by Compri developed MIS/ERP system for the graphic media industry. Xgram is a modern solution for the integrated automation of your business. The open structure of Xgram enables extensive and advanced linking to your customers, suppliers, and production systems.  Xgram allows you to automate processes such as

  • Estimation
  • Logistics
  • Planning and production control
  • Finance
  • Linking to customer/customer systems
  • Linking to production systems
  • Management information


Xgram includes various calculation methods that can be used concurrently. The Xgram Product Calculator provides very fast, accurate, and complete quotations. Within seconds, a full calculation is completed, in which the most optimal method of production is chosen automatically. It also includes an automatic choice between offset or digital printing. Xgram has calculation modules for sheet and web fed printing, large format printing and finishing&binding.


Xgram can automate the complete product flow process from materials, through half-product as well as finished products. The Wi-Fi-warehouse module makes registration very simple and user friendly due to its mobile terminals, tablets and scanners. Links to suppliers  ordering systems enable online ordering. Online links to shipment systems fully automates the delivery process.

Planning and production control

The Xgram planning modules provide a visual picture of both your production capacity plan as well as the progress of your orders. The planning system helps to optimize production sequences and thus increases efficiency. Because of its link to shop floor data collection you will have continuous insight into and control over the status of your orders. The digital order instruction in Xgram always provides up-to-date production information, which reduces the risk of errors.


Xgram has its own financial administration function but can also be seamlessly linked to an external solution. This allows information to become synchronized, allowing both environments to contain the same data, Within Xgram, the invoicing process can be highly automated by fully automatic billing for certain types of orders.  Invoices can be sent digitally in PDF as well as in XML format.

Linking to customers/customer systems

Xgram includes extensive XML Web service modules. These modules make it possible to create automatic links to external systems. This may include links to, for example, customer’s ordering systems, web2print solutions, purchasing and procurement systems. Orders are completely automatically iimported into Xgram. The order calculation and planning are generated automatically. Via the Xgram XML Web services, information about the status of orders can also be sent back to external systems.

Linking to production systems

The use of Xgram JDF and JMF modules you can control your production workflow via Xgram. Your production systems from prepress, press/print and postpress receive JDF data from Xgram to control and set up your workflow and machines. Status data is exchanged between production systems and Xgram via JMF to monitor production processes and to make cost calculations. Compri has been a member of the CIP4 Organisation since 2004. In 2010 Compri won two Cippi Awards

Management information

Xgram has extensive options for generating management information. Reporting is available both within Xgram, as well as through links to Excel and Business Intelligence tools such as QlikView for example. A large number of standard reports is included. These can also be easily customized.

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