iXgram sneak-preview op Kodak roadshow

Primeur op de door Compri en Kodak georganiseerde roadshows: een sneak-preview van iXgram. Op 13 oktober a.s. organiseert Compri in samenwerking met Kodak een roadshow in Turnhout (vlak over de Belgische grens). Compri toont daar voor het eerst een ‘sneak preview’ van iXgram.  Daarnaast zijn er diverse presentaties van zowel Kodak als Compri. Klik hier […]

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Roadshows met Kodak succesvol

In oktober heeft Compri samen met Kodak een drietal roadshows in Turnhout, München en Kassel gegeven. Alle roadshows waren zeer goed bezocht. Thema was hoe een geautomatiseerde workflow bij kan dragen aan meer efficiency en rendement. Tijdens diverse presentaties werden live voorbeelden getoond van de verregaande integratie tussen Xgram en de Kodak workflow software.

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Weemen Group orders at Drupa

The Weemen Group in The Netherlands ordered a complete JDF based integrated workflow at Drupa with Compri and Kodak . Weemen a printing group with 4 locations and 75 employees, decided at Drupa to order a complete new Prinergy workflow from Kodak and the integration through JDF with their Xgram MIS from Compri. Weemen receives […]

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First Spanish Xgram order

GraphyCems has given Compri the order to implement their Xgram MIS solution. GraphyCems did so after an intensive selection process where several ERP systems were taking into account  The extensive features and usability of Xgram made GraphyCems choose Xgram as the best solution to fit their needs. Also the experience and knowledge of Compri in […]

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New Xgram user

Grafiservices in Utrecht, formally part of Roto Smeets, recently implemented Xgram . The complete Xgram software solution including estimation, cost calculation, planning, production control, shop floor data collection and finance is now operational in their plant. Grafiservices has 45 employees. Grafiservices has formed partnerships with the SMG Group in Hasselt and with Media Centre Rotterdam. […]

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Ganging module available

Our developers recently finished the development of the Xgram Ganging module. This module can be used to combine orders for printing on one sheet (ganging). Xgram uses an intelligent selection program to determine which orders can be printed in combination. It allows for the selection of paper type, weight, format, printing colours, finishing options, delivery […]

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